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Term 2 Week 2 Newsletter

Principal’s Message….

Kia ora whānau,
Welcome back to Term 2! It’s shaping up to be another busy term for us, with winter sports kicking off this week and some awesome learning adventures in the planning pipelines. Please make sure you have all downloaded Skool Loop and are also a member of our private Facebook page to stay in the loop with everything.
This term we welcome Te Ahu Tipoki to our school. Te Ahu turned 5 last week and has started his school journey in Room 1. We are also lucky to welcome Jess De Menech who is teaching in Room 1 on a Friday and Jocelyn Kebbell who is teaching in Room 3 on a Thursday. We hope you love it here as much as we do! 
A lot of construction work was kickstarted over the holidays. After many years of planning and waiting we finally have our Archgola between Room 2 and the main block. Already it has shown its worth when it rained on us at exactly 11am on Monday this week. We can’t wait to hold our school assemblies out here when the weather warms up again.
This week has seen a sudden snap of cold weather surround us. We’d appreciate it if you could check that your children’s clothing is clearly named. This saves us time in hunting down the owner of the many jerseys we pick up throughout the day.
You may have heard that we have started our cross country training around the Didsbury Track. We are running every day at 12.10pm – 12.30pm so please make sure the kids have their shoes.  Thanks to those of you who slow down when we are running along the roadside.
A huge thank you to everyone who donated to the Featherston Foodbank mufti fundraiser last term. We managed to collect three boxes of groceries which were gratefully collected by a volunteer last week. This was an awesome way for us to support our community.
I have been in talks with Corina, a nurse from Featherston Medical. Featherston Medical Centre are organising a Rural Medical Clinic to start in the beginning of June. Clinics will be run weekly on Thursday mornings, based at Pirinoa School’s old Dental Clinic. This would be open to the wider Pirinoa/Palliser Community. More information on this venture will be released in due course but we are very excited to support Featherston Medical with this, and see this as a fantastic opportunity for our community as well.
Stay safe, keep warm and have a fantastic week!
Nat & the Pirinoa Staff

Room 1 News

In Room 1 we have been describing photos. We are learning to write a sentence with a colour and size.

Room 2 News

This week in Room 2 we have started our new writing topic. We conducted the flying tea bag experiment and learnt about the science behind how it happens. Now we are working on a piece of writing to explain how the magic trick works. 

Room 3 News

Room 3 have been working on getting our heads around the structure of our classroom this term. We were very excited to see four new puzzles for us to build this winter, as well as some new drawing tools and games to play.

With our school-wide focus being on Migration this term, we are focusing our learning on the Movement of People between places (countries, mainly) and the reasons behind this. We will start with a broad perspective but eventually lead into the positive and negative effects of power and the link this has with migration. To kick-start this, we are all reading novels to do with WW1 or WW2 or written by a refugee. Our novels are all based on true stories and we are really enjoying learning about people’s experiences in this genre.

We are pleased to support the local Rotary Club with their Rotary Dinner being held in the Pirinoa Hall on Wednesday 18th May. Rotary are huge supporters of our school and of community projects that our school benefits from. 
We really appreciate those families who have volunteered their time or a food donation to put towards this dinner. A special thanks must also go to Andrea Didsbury for organising this dinner on behalf of us.
  We are asking that every family donates an item to this event. A full list of items can be found on our private Facebook page. Alternatively, you can ring the school office and we will give you an item to supply. If you have not reached out to tell us what you can supply, please get in touch with us ASAP.
A BIG THANK YOU  to Premier Beehive Carterton for their generous donation of two hams for this fundraiser too 🙂


BEING ON THE BOARD… Where does the money come from?  

The Ministry of Education funds the school in 3 ways – Teachers; Property; & Operational.

The number of teachers MOE will pay for is based on the number of kids we have.  If we have 51 kids then they’ll pay for 3 teachers.  Last year we didn’t have 51 kids so the board paid the 3rd teacher, with the help of the Community Fund.

The Property funding is for capital projects (not repairs & maintenance) & is reviewed every 5 years.  The new archgola is part of this funding.

The Operational funding (aka Op’s for short) is the money the board uses to pay for the daily running of the school, teaching resources, repairs & maintenance, the office manager, the caretaker, & the teacher aides.  MOE advises us at the beginning of the year how much we are going to get based on the number of kids.  The board then prepares the annual budget.  At our board meetings we review how we are going in relation to the budget.

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