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Term 2 Week 8 Newsletter

Principal’s Message….

Kia ora whānau,

It’s been a fantastic morning, out in the sunshine planting our new berry vines into the berry patch in the orchard for Matariki. We sang, planted, set goals for the new year and then enjoyed a shared morning tea on the deck. Thank you so much to everyone who sent something along for the kids to share! We had a lot of food available… and I’m pleased to say that the carrot sticks, oranges and mandarins went down very quickly (alongside the chocolate biscuits, of course).

Last week, we were fortunate to have Ruud Kleinpaste visit us for two days. He worked with every class for a block each day and, wow! What an incredible time we had! We held cockroaches, spiders, wētā and beetles, explored our school yard for bugs, made spider nests for spiders we discovered in the orchard and found evidence of wētā in the garden. This was awesome news for us, as we weren’t sure whether the wētā was still around in our school. Ruud showed us how to make some new wētā hotel out of bamboo, so Room 3 will be working on this.

Congratulations to our students who participated in Wairarapa Cross Country last week. We are very proud of your positive attitudes and the effort you put into competing at this level.

With the change in weather recently, there has been a huge rise in absences. While we understand and appreciate that you need to keep your children home if they are sick; please remember to tell the school via Skool Loop. You only need to submit one absentee form per family (just add every child’s name to it). If your child is off sick for more than 4 consecutive days, please make sure they have seen a doctor and let the school know. It’s important that we keep on top of the bugs spreading around our children, so we can make informed decisions about schooling for the remaining children. 

Every day your child or children have off from school does impact on their academic and social learning. Please try your best not to take extra days off during term time; use the school holidays.

Another two weeks to go until the Winter Holidays! Next week, the netballers are off to compete in a Netball Tournament, the seniors have their final technology lesson and we are busy learning dances for production.

Stay warm, dry, safe and have a lovely long weekend!


Matariki 2022

Thank you to all the families who contributed to our shared morning tea for Matariki, its safe to say the Pirinoa students absolutely loved it!

Room 1 News

Room 1 Have been enjoying learning about matariki.


Room 2 News

Room 2 loved having Ruud Kleinpaste come and visit at Pirinoa School. We learnt about bugs and what jobs they have, explored the bushes to find what bugs we have at school and even got to hold one of Ruud’s spiders. Thanks for visiting Rudd, we loved it! 


Room 3 News

It’s been a busy week in Room 3! We’re trying our best to get our speeches written to present towards the end of the term. This week, we had Room 1 for the day, so we took them into the paddock next door to fish for aquatic bugs in the stream.


BEING ON THE BOARD….Am I ‘Board-Member’ material?

You might be sitting on the fence about running for the board next term.  You might doubt if you have the time or the skill to do the job.    


  • if you want to be active in your kids’ school

  • if you want to give back to your community

  • if you work well in a team

  • if you can ask challenging questions

  • if you have good communication skills

…..then you’re exactly what the board needs. 

Don’t worry about the rest, you’ll be supported throughout the journey, & we’re all just doing the best we can!

Boards need a balance of skills and experiences around the table.  They need diversity, & to be a true representation of the school community that they are accountable to.

If you’re thinking about being on the board we have a board meeting on Monday at 6pm at school.  You’re welcome to come along & check it out – it’s really not as scary as you might think!

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