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Term 2 Week 10 Newsletter

Principal’s Message….

Kia ora whānau,

Our last day of Term 2! It seems to be going faster and faster every term. Thanks for all of your support this term while we have navigated our way through finding a new Principal. We are excited to welcome Richard next term and even more excited for things to be a bit more settled! A special shout-out to my awesome Room 3 kids, who have coped with numerous teachers each week, last minute changes of plan and me disappearing from class at random times to sort out Principal things. Kids, you are incredible!

We’d like to also thank Alison, Jess and Jocelyn who have been instrumental in managing our workloads this term. Alison teaches all of Room 2 and 3 on a Friday, Jocelyn teaches in Room 3 on a Thursday and Jess manages the Room 1 kids on a Friday. Thank you for helping to teach our children this term!


Mihi Whakatau

On Monday 25th July, we will welcome Richard with a mihi whakatau. This will take place at the front of the school (weather dependent) at 9am. Following this, we will have a cup of tea/coffee in the staffroom before our school day officially starts. Feel free to come and join us in welcoming Richard to our school and community!


Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve started noticing some non-uniform items being worn to school. Just a quick reminder about our uniform expectations; students must wear our navy blue polo top, navy blue pants or shorts and a navy blue school jersey. Any shoes or socks are fine, as well as any jacket. Please make sure everything is clearly named. Our navy blue polo top is available to be purchased from NZ Uniforms. The only jewellery permitted are plain hoops or studs, a watch and any special necklace (e.g. pounamu). Please ensure that your child/children have the correct uniform ready for next term.

Congratulations to the children who represented us at the Netball tournament last week and Wellington Regional Cross Country this week! You should be very proud of your progress and results in these competitions.

Please remember to let us know if the children contract COVID over the holidays. We are required to keep a record of how much of our school has had COVID this year. Hopefully next term goes a lot smoother in terms of sickness for everyone!

Stay warm, have a lovely two weeks with your children and we will see you all on Monday 25th July, ready for Term 3!


Room 1 News

This week in Room 1 we finished our inquiry about migration by making bird pitcures.


Room 2 News

Last week some of Room 2’s year 5 and 6’s represented Pirinoa School at the Netball Tournament. Their team won all four of their games, showed great sportsmanship, and had lots of fun! We can’t wait for the Netball season to start. 


Room 3 News

Room 3 really enjoyed designing and making clocks at Technology this term. Their finished product was awesome! Next term, Room 3 can’t wait to participate in Food Tech, starting Week 6.


The Board is legally required to meet 8 times a year for the Principal to communicate what’s going on at school.  

The meetings are “held in public”, meaning anyone can attend – but only board members have immediate speaking rights.

The meeting dates are set at the beginning of the year, & the Board Calendar keeps track of what we need to discuss at each particular meeting.  This way, everyone is well aware in advance of when the board meets, & the likely agenda.  Currently we meet on the 3rd & 9th Monday of the term.

The Chair, the Principal, & the Board Secretary collaborate to send out the “Meeting Package” a week before the meeting.  The key parts of the Meeting Package are the Agenda, Principal Report, Finance Report & Action List.  Board members are expected to come to the meeting with any questions/opinions on the material presented.

The Chair runs the meeting, ensuring that everyone engages in the discussion, & that the legal requirements are upheld e.g. Board resolutions where required.

The minutes of the meeting & an action list of jobs-to-do are sent out after the meeting.

If you’re thinking about running for the new board then these newsletter blurbs will have given you an insight as to how it all works.  If you have questions I encourage you to have a chat with someone on the current board.   

The last meeting of the current board is 8th August.  Then, following Board Elections, the first meeting of the new board is 19th September.  You should consider getting on Board…



On Thursday, committee members met to decide on the progress going forward with the Medical Centre. 

On the committee are: Corina Ngatai (Featherston Medical), Scotty Macdonald (Pirinoa Community Rep), Nat Lagah (Pirinoa School), Luke Tipoki (Lake Ferry Rep), Debbie Banks (Ngawi Rep) & Katrina Hampton (Kahutara School). Our role in the committee is for community members to feedback any ideas, questions or concerns they have about the Medical Centre. Please contact one of us if you have anything to share.

While we are still waiting for materials to get the Dental Clinic at Pirinoa School updated, throughout the school holidays Corina will run two clinics based at Pirinoa School. These will be held Thursday 14th July and Thursday 21st July from 9.30am – 4pm. Please make any bookings to be seen through Featherston Medical. You do not have to be a registered patient with Featherston Medical to be seen.

Costs for Medical services held at Pirinoa are as follows;

Children (0 – 14): Free

Teenagers / Adults (15 – 64): $15

Adults 65+ and those with a community services card: $10

While we are aiming to keep costs down, costs will be reviewed regularly. Fees can be paid via internet banking or via cash.

A huge thank you to EM Tech, who kindly donated a medical bed for our clinic. We appreciate all donations that have come through to help get this project off the ground.

We have made a Facebook Page (@pirinoacommunitymedicalcentre), so follow us to keep up to date with the latest news!

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