About Us

We are a small rural school made up of families from Ngawi to Pirinoa and beyond. The majority of our students come from farming families in our area, with 70% of students travelling to school by bus. We have three classrooms, an amazing library and a stunning outdoor area which we utulise often. We are nearby many fresh water streams, Lake Onoke and the South Wairarapa Coast. 


We celebrate all learners at Pirinoa School and aim to provide our students with a well-rounded, balanced curriculum. Our key priority is to lift student engagement and achievement by encouraging our students to apply their knowledge in real world contexts, both inside and outside of the classroom. 

Learning experiences are enthusiastically supported by the school and district community. We aim to incorporate EOTC into a lot of our learning, whether this is in the form of trips outside of our school or by using the resources we have inside our school grounds. We have developed partnerships with some of the farms in the area, which we visit regularly for hands-on science lessons and monitoring. We host yearly Pet Day competitions, attend many sports events and alternate Production and Art Show events. 

At Pirinoa School, we acknowledge the importance of ako – effective and recipricol teaching adn learning – for, and with, Māori learners. We also recognise whānaungatanga and hold high expectations for our Māori students, respecting their relationships with whānau and community cannot be seperated. We believe that language, identity and culture counts in in manaakitanga – knowing where students come from and building on what students bring with them. We trust that our students can teach us as much as we teach them, and we listen to and respect their history, culture and identity.

Celebrating Matariki with the planting of a new fruit tree, waiata and karakia