We celebrate all learners at Pirinoa School and invite anyone to join us on our Pirinoa Learning Pathway of ‘Vibrant and Successful Learning’. Majority of our students come from farming families in the area, with 71% of our students travelling to school by bus. Learning experiences are enthusiastically supported by the school and district community, and an active fundraising group, support our students in their learning by fundraising for equipment, resources and excursions. Also a valued group of volunteers have for many years provided assistance for our students in Literacy and Numeracy.

Our key priority is to lift student achievement which will be determined through quality teacher practice, student advocacy, varied assessment strategies, robust data collection and analysis, and school-wide self-review with a clear focus on student learning, engagement and achievement.

At Pirinoa School, we acknowledge the importance of ako – effective and reciprocal teaching and learning – for, and with, Māori learners. We also recognise whanaungatanga and hold high expectations for our Māori students, respecting that their relationships with whānau and community cannot be separated. We believe that language, identity and culture counts and in manaakitanga – knowing where students come from and building on what students bring with them; and in productive partnerships with wananga – equity, sincerity and trust in our Māori students, whānau and educators to share knowledge and expertise with each other in order to produce better outcomes. ​