School Newsletter

We publish a school newsletter once a fortnight.  This is sent home with the eldest child at the school.  It can also be viewed on our school website.

School Bus

Our school bus run travels north to the Tuhiturata sub-station, south to Lake Ferry and along Cape Palliser Road.


Our local curriculum – ‘The Pirinoa Learning Path’ is focused on our people, our culture and our environment.


We are an enviroschool supporting ‘Trees For Survival’ and key to our learning is sustainability with a future focus.

Enviroschools Website
Trees for Survival Website


Our school day runs from 9.00am – 3.00pm.

Brain Break is 10.00
Morning Tea is 11.15 – 11.30
Lunch is 12.30 – 1.25pm.

​The school office is open from  8.00am  – 4.00 pm Monday – Friday.

EOTC – Swimming Pool

EOTC – Education Outside the Classroom is where much of our learning takes place.

Our school swimming pool is available for use by the school community from December to March.
Parents are rostered to cook our yummy sausage sizzle every Friday.  $2 per item.  Orders taken after roll call.

We all love sport and our students play a variety of summer and winter sports including tennis, cricket, swimming, athletics, rugby, hockey, football, miniball and badminton.


School Banking is with the ASB and students can grow their savings by banking every Tuesday.

Lamb and Calf Day

Lamb and Calf Day is a special day on our Term 4 calendar.


We are proud to wear a vibrant school uniform. The uniform can be purchased at the Warehouse. A list of uniform items is available below. The uniform does not include specific shoes because, being a country school, many of the students like to come to school bare foot or wearing redband gumboots! However, sensible and respectful footwear is required at sporting events and excursions out of school.

Pirinoa School Uniform List

School Procedures

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