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Term 3 Week 4 Newsletter

Principal’s Message….

Kia ora families, I wrote this on Monday, what can happen in a few days?
We wait with bated breath as to what may happen but rest assured, the staff here have things ready to go should the lockdown be extended. We will be contacting you in the next couple of days to ascertain your level of internet and device accessibility so we can implement our distance learning programmes should we need to. In the meantime, be with your families, keep reassuring each other and reach out if you need to, we are all here for you.
Thank you everyone for coming along to our 3-way conferences this week, we appreciate you making it a priority to talk with us and help set goals for the remainder of the year. A summary will be sent home today so keep it handy and talk often with your child/children about their progress. If you were unable to catch up, please contact the classroom teacher to schedule a time that suits.
You would have received a survey, this is to get some feedback on how we can make every Childs time at Pirinoa School, an amazing and memorable experience and prepare them for the next leg of their  learning journey. The more feedback we get, the more we will know how best to adapt and design our schoolwide programme to help our students succeed. We are also reviewing our vision and values, we will be seeking feedback on the current vision and values soon and welcome any input from parents/whanau and the wider community.
A big welcome to our newest pupil Taylor Davies-Temaari who joined lots of new friends in Room 1! Welcome Taylor, Taina and Justin to the Pirinoa School family! This brings our roll to 55 students with more new enrolments starting later in the year!
We had a fantastic day at the South Wairarapa Soccer Tournament, it was played in good spirit on a beautiful day. We had 3 teams involved who gave it their all with great results. Thank you to all those who helped with transport and supervision on the day and a special thank you to Skye and Willows nanna who donated a big tarpaulin to keep our gear in one place, we will be able to use this whenever we go to events and trips.
We received a good level of interest for the Teacher Aide position, applications closed on Friday and we will conduct interviews with those shortlisted next week. 
You will see attached an overview of our proposed uniform, some of you would have voted for what you think would be good in terms of colour and style if we were to change, I will be seeking feedback via a google form survey as to what is preferred overall such as do we even keep a uniform, styles and items that would be included if so. Also, please take the time to respond to our community survey about how we can improve what we do at Pirinoa School in terms of providing the best possible environment for learner success. Think about the ‘why’ in terms of:
– What is our school to you?
A. An essential service
B. A school we go to because it is convenient and close
C. A treasure, a taonga that pupils who go through Pirinoa School experience that is unique and valuable
D. Is it a mixture of these things?
E. Is it something specific to you?
Essentially, what is the ‘Power Source’ that has kept this school running since 1887? We have had as many as 90+ students and as few as 23 all within the last 15-20 years, how can we as a community tap into that source to improve and grow our school to best equip our children for their future? Many of you are former pupils, there is a real history for you, many of us have come into this little community and are totally captured by what it is.
Simon Sinek is spoken about widely in terms of what makes good leadership. He is described as an ‘Unshakable Optimist’ and his model of ‘The Golden Circle’ has made its way into not only the business world but also the education world. When I think of effecting change at Pirinoa School, I am guided by the ‘why’. Change should not be made for the sake of change, there has to be a reason and ultimately, a benefit to doing so. I am so fortunate to hold the position of Principal at this amazing school but I see it as a partnership and I need your input and that of students, staff and the wider community to be able to get a clear overview of what thinking is happening out there.
The graphic below is a short explanation of what seeking the ‘Why’ is all about.

Room 1 News

Room 1 enjoyed another session of rippa rugby with Cameron and Mike, we are learning heaps of skills and have lot’s of fun!

Room 2 News

Last week Room 2 started participating in ‘The Taskmaster Classroom’. It is a fun series of challenges completed in teams, designed to teach students teamwork, communication, problem solving, out-the-box thinking, and learning to fail (and then get back up again!). One of our first tasks was to work in teams to recreate a drawing that was set up outside – with runners communicating back and forth what to draw. This was really challenging, but heaps of fun. 

Room 3 News

Room 3’s first ever Lip Sync Battle for Term 3 kicked off last week, with some fabulous performances by some of our children. This week’s theme was DISNEY (although it’s been put on hold for a bit – extra practice time!) and we can’t wait to show you what we come up with. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram pages for some highlights of our performances each fortnight, once school returns).

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