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Term 3 Week 8 Newsletter

Principal’s Message….

Kia ora,
Despite the interruption of Covid, everyone has bounced back into school amazingly well and have been working hard. Thank you to our amazing community for supporting us with home learning during the lockdown, it was definitely a bit easier to transition and your feedback on the level of support you felt students needed going into it was a huge help. Let’s hope that we can get on top of this as a region to avoid further lockdowns. Thank you also for helping us out by waiting at the gate after school to collect pupils, we look forward to getting back to Level 1 soon.
School Hours
We have found some students are arriving particularly early in the morning, can we please ask that students do not arrive at school before 8.15, the official national school hours are 8.20 am-3.30 pm. We do understand if there is the odd time outside of those hours however we do ask that this is organised with the classroom teacher with plenty of notice. During regular school hours we as teachers have a duty of care, morning times are important for teachers to prepare for the days learning. Thank you for your support with this.
The Great Pumpkin Patch Challenge
The great pumpkin challenge is now on! Each student was given a special “Atlantic variety pumpkin seed to plant, these can grow up to 30kgs, we will have a weigh-in in the last week of term 4 to see who the champion will be. We encourage regular updates to be posted on our Facebook page to track the progress.
We would like to welcome our newest student Nivayah Harris-Keogh to Pirinoa School, Room 3 has now grown again and is up to 24 students! It’s great to have you here Nivayah, we welcome you and your whanau to our school, our roll now stands at 56, with more students to join in term 4!
It’s hard to believe a year has passed since I took up the position as Principal of this amazing school, so much has happened, lots of exciting new things, trips, events and awesome learning. I feel we have an incredibly talented team, but as we all know, the only real constant thing in life, however, is change. It is with sadness that I announce that our amazing Room 2 teacher Miss Rudd will be finishing  her time with us at the end of the year. We have been so lucky to have her for two years but she has made the decision to return home, I know this was not an easy choice for Miss Rudd to make, and not one she made lightly. The great thing is we still have another whole term of fun before that time comes, so lets make the most of her funloving, creative and enthusiastic personality that we can! 
The uniform survey is complete, thank you to everyone who responded, the results will be collated and shared shortly.
Nga mihi nui, Gene Moore.

Room 1 News

Last week in Room 1 we had a STEAM challenge and we made mazes with straws and marbles, it was fun. Because it’s Spring we picked some daffodils, read poems about Spring and drew a Spring Picture. We have also started fantasy writing.

Room 2 News

In Maths for the rest of this term, Room 2 are learning about Position and Orientation. Position is about where you are, and Orientation is about which way you are facing. This means we’re learning about how to read and draw maps using grids, compass and scale. This game is called ‘Pirates and Explorers’ and is an opportunity to practise lots of the important language like ‘clockwise’, ‘anticlockwise’, ‘compass’ and compass directions. 

Room 3 News

Room 3 have been loving doing so many team building challenges since we’ve come back from Lockdown. We have tried some really hard ones (like climbing over a metre high electric fence without touching it) and some easier ones – such as a drawing challenge. We are aiming to try a new team building challenge every school day until the end of this term, to help us improve the way we communicate with each other and other students in our school.
We have also been learning to play games from our teacher’s childhood. At the start of this term we learnt how to play solitaire (on our iPads) and recently we’ve learnt how to play one version of marbles. We are going to give knucklebones a proper go next term (some of us have learnt this already on a rainy day).
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