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Term 1 Week 6 Newsletter

Principal’s Message….

Firstly I’d like to thank Lonestar Restaurant in Masterton. They have donated approximately $500 worth of vouchers. The thank you is long overdue as they gave us the vouchers late last year. They said they recognized that schools have been doing it tough for a while now, in particular through Covid and they are happy for us to use the vouchers any way we want. I have given a few away as thank yous in the past couple of months and the rest will go into a raffle for fundraising for the year 7/8  camp at the end of the year.

It is a reminder that there is strong support out there for schools and of course a big test of that will come this week with the strike action on Thursday. It has been interesting watching the media since the strike was announced. I would say the sentiment is about 50/50 with a lot of stories coming out about poor pay offers and others talking about most kiwis doing it tough at the moment and people are questioning whether this is the right time to do something like a strike. All I would say is that the NZEI has done a great job for teachers over the years and even though many of the issues that we are fighting for aren’t directly applicable to Pirinoa School, it’s a good time to support the wider education sector.

Closer to home I just wanted to highlight the importance of the Talent Show that is coming up. It is happening purely because a group of children asked for my help in setting up a band for the school. As that idea evolved, lots of other tamariki expressed interest until the point where it was evolving into a supergroup rather than a band! And then one of the children suggested that we have the Talent Show so that there was lots of room for the musical (and other performance) skills of Pirinoa kids on stage. And of course all money raised comes back to the kids and their musical development. So we might see that supergroup before too long after all.

I’m really impressed with the dedication of the group of kids organizing this event and I know it will go really well as long as people get in behind and support. So whether you have a talent to share or your child is a bit reluctant or you’re just wondering if you’ll come along, I encourage you to do whatever you can to support. 

Have a great fortnight everyone!

Room 1 News:

We have been learning about measurement in Maths.  We know that words are used a lot in maths, not just numbers.  Words we have been using are fastest, quickest, longest, shortest, heavy, light, big and small.  We have been comparing how long it takes to do different things like 20 hops and putting together 10 linking blocks at the same time to help us understand time passing.  We have weighed different objects to see which are heavier, lighter or if they are balanced.

Room 2 News:

The last couple of weeks Room 2 students have been developing their recount writing skills. Here are Ghia and Alexas’ story about our beach trip that the whole school took this week! 

Room 3 News:

Over the last couple of weeks Room 3 have been learning about how the eye works. We then chose our own organ or body system and wrote an information report explaining how this works. Here’s Skye’s;
The liver is part of the upper right abdomen. It is the most hardworking organ in the body – it has more than 500 jobs.
The liver is made up of a right lobe, a left lobe, a coronary ligament, a falciform ligament, a ligamentum teres, and a gallbladder.

The liver is responsible for controlling how many chemicals are in our bloodstream. 

The blood leaves the stomach and heads towards the liver. The liver then filters the blood, taking out toxins. It creates bile, which carries away waste and fats. It creates proteins and cholesterol to keep our bodies healthy. The liver stores iron which helps to control the amount of blood clots in our body. It also helps to fight infections in our body, making our immune systems strong.

Bile waste is sent to the intestines which goes to the bowel and is pooped out. Blood waste is sent to the kidneys and exits your body via urine.

To take care of our liver we have to be careful about drinking alcohol, exercise and eating healthy, be careful about using chemicals and cleaning products, watch out for medications and take the amount your doctor provides.
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