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Term 1 Week 10 Newsletter

Principal’s Message….

Hi everyone, it’s amazing that it is the end of term already. I know it can be a mixed blessing when the holidays come around, so I hope you can find a good balance in terms of hanging out with the kids and getting on with all the other things parents have to juggle these days. Especially considering the extra days on either side, remembering that effectively Term 2 does not start until Wednesday 26th April. 

Working bee Sunday 23nd April 9am – 12pm

Please give us a hand on the last weekend of the holidays. 

As you may see when you walk around the school there are some areas that need a bit of a rev up. This working bee will focus on the grass area near the entrance to Rm 2 (pictured below). Currently it’s pretty unsightly plus when it rains the kids unwittingly drag clay everywhere. 

So we’re going to remove an old fence and garden, scrape back the soil, edge and lay down river pebbles and create a nice seating area for everyone. It will be well used day to day and also for things like Lamb and Calf Day. There will be other jobs to do as well around the place so please lend us a couple of hours if you can. We need practical people who can wield a spade or a hammer but also people who can just muck in and make cups of tea / drive a wheelbarrow etc. This working bee will be run by our very own Aaron Donges.

Quiz Night

It’s great to see momentum building for this and families signing up to help. Just today Candice and Luke  have offered to provide all the seating and tables and I know Sara is working hard to get everything organized. This is a fundraiser for the new playground we would love to get installed next year. Decent playgrounds are not cheap so we’d love your support on this fundraiser.  

Free School Lunches

I have asked the teachers, yourselves and the children for their feedback on the free school lunches and have decided we will definitely continue until the end of the year at least. 

I met with the organizers on Monday and (see picture) and they agreed that even though some children are not eating the full lunch, and there are a couple of students who are bringing their own lunch now, it is better that they still send the full amount of lunches and hope that over time we can refine the offerings so that everyone participates. 

So have a conversation with your child and see if they need a bit more morning tea just in case the lunch does not suit them that particular day, meanwhile also encouraging them to get out of their comfort zone and try new things, meanwhile reminding them that this is not a restaurant! =) 

Parenting is always a juggle isn’t it?!

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