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Term 2 Week 6 Newsletter

Principal’s Message….

Kia ora whānau,

What a busy couple of weeks we’ve had recently! It was awesome to see our kids perform at Cluster Cross Country last week. Our only expectation was that the children crossed the finish line – and they blew us away with their efforts! It was a bit cold and wet but we charged ahead anyway. Thanks heaps to all of the parents who came along to support their child or helped us with getting the children to Kahutara. We have 11 students who qualified for Wairarapa Cross Country which is being held on Tuesday 14th June in Masterton. We wish all 11 of you well and know you will do us proud!

Te Papa on Tuesday was a lot of fun. We really enjoyed the extra time we had in the museum to explore a range of exhibits and artefacts. The kids were very well behaved – we had some special feedback given to us from members of the public during our visit. The knowledge gained from our visit to Te Papa is being used as part of our inquiry on Migration this term. Thank you so much to all of the parents who supported us and helped us with transport. Without your help, our kids wouldn’t be able to participate in as many adventures as we do.

With the change in weather recently, there has been a huge rise in absences. While we understand and appreciate that you need to keep your children home if they are sick; please remember to tell the school via Skool Loop. You only need to submit one absentee form per family (just add every child’s name to it). If your child is off sick for more than 4 consecutive days, please make sure they have seen a doctor and let the school know. It’s important that we keep on top of the bugs spreading around our children, so we can make informed decisions about schooling for the remaining children. 

Every day your child or children have off from school does impact on their academic and social learning. Please try your best not to take extra days off during term time; use the school holidays.

We are looking forward to celebrating Matariki in two weeks, with a visit to Martinborough Library and our annual planting celebrations. The Year 6’s are off on a planting expedition on Monday with Miss Pickering and production rehearsals are in full swing. A busy four weeks ahead!

Stay warm, dry, safe and have a lovely weekend!


Room 1 News

Room 1 have been writing some amazing stories about their Te Papa visit.


By Hadley Donges

By Tijleigh Dean-Wilson

Room 2 News

Room 2 loved going to Te Papa this week to explore, and develop our learning about Pacific migration to New Zealand. We had lots of fun at all the activities, what a great day out! 


Room 3 News

Room 3 have been busy attempting to recreate some steampunk-style artwork. We’ve been working on drawing industrial or mechanical type pictures and incorporating these with an outline of a living object. This has taken us a few weeks but the results are fantastic!


When I’m on the Board will I need to deal with complaints from parents? 

The complaints process is one of the first things you should familiarise yourself with when you join any board. 

For Pirinoa School all concerns need to be discussed with the person directly involved (e.g. your child’s teacher).  

If the issue is unresolved, then the concern can be taken to the principal.  If it is still unresolved, then the concern can be taken to the board, through a written letter. The letter will be discussed at the next board meeting and actioned from there.  (the dates for board meetings are on the school website). 

As a board member you will never have to deal with a complaint on your own. While you may receive a complaint from a concerned parent, it is important to direct them through the proper channels.

Medical Hub Update

Work is underway to upgrade our Dental Clinic building into the new Pirinoa Community Medical Hub. A huge thanks to everyone who has worked on this initiative so far. We are looking for donations to cover some of the costs incurred in upgrading this building. If you would like to make a donation, please contact either the school or the shop. We appreciate your support!

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