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Term 4 Week 8 Newsletter

Principal’s Message….

And suddenly it’s the last newsletter for the year and Pirinoa is in full on pack up and celebration mode!

With prizegiving planning going on, Harold and the Life education team in school, Big Day Out groups flying out the door, parents signing up for holiday jobs left right and centre, the school annual report and 2023 annual plan happening, it’s been full steam ahead around here. 

Thanks to everyone who has filled out the End of year survey. Some themes are emerging. Overall you are very satisfied with the school and its priorities, and see it as a place where we are growing confident, capable, kind kids.

You have made some very sensible suggestions e.g. more activities for ‘non-sporty’ kids, a handbook with some details about things like ‘how to order a school lunch’ for new families, and giving the grounds a spruce up. 

Most people said they read the newsletter regularly and that they enjoy what’s in it, although they are relaxed about us changing the format. 

For those who haven’t filled in the survey here is the link again. If you have any trouble filling it out I can arrange to take your answers down over the phone. 

As some of you may know, schools have to have policies and procedures available to the school community. Ours are now online through a secure website called School Docs and I am happy to be able to share with you the log in details with you. But rather than do that here in the newsletter, you’ll receive a link in a Skool Loop update tonight.

For those of you who go and view them you’ll see that some of the documents are fairly generic and some are very specific to Pirinoa. But keep an eye on School Docs over time. You should start to see more policies that are specific to how we do things here at Pirinoa

Some of you may’ve seen our feature in the Wairarapa Times Age annual schools feature ‘The Year That Was’. There are some paper copies in the office area to grab if you wish, and here is the digital link .

See you all at Prizegiving next week!


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