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Term 1 Week 2 Newsletter

Principal’s Message….

The first two weeks have flown by and it’s been great to see all the classes settle into their routines for the year whilst also focusing on class culture. Swimming lessons have kicked into gear and every time I pop down to see how the kids are going, I am reminded of what a great resource that pool is. Thanks to everyone who looked after it so well over the summer, especially Tim, Brax’s dad who gave the shed a bit of love. Every time I go in the chemical shed to check levels I am grateful to him because the hinges were nearly falling off that door and it was such a pain to open and close. And thanks to Karl, Alexas and Charlly’s dad who fixed up a whole jumble of plumbing. Last year an inquisitive young person was playing with it and caused a minor flood!

Coming up next week are two big events in the Community BBQ on Tuesday night and the Beach trip on Friday. Check back through your SkoolLoop notices for more information. 

Next newsletter I’ll share with you the results of our parent survey. This means there is still time to have your say just click here or get hold of me directly with any thoughts. 

Lost jacket

  • There was a nice raincoat left in the pool area over the summer, pop in see me if its yours

Free lunch programme

  • Continues for term one
  • Later in the term we will decide whether it continues into term two and beyond
  • Your feedback is welcome, the organizers are very responsive

Covid tests

  • We have a large stock of these that expire in June. If you would like some freebies, pop in and see us in the office

Key focus areas for 2023

  • Continuing with our Science and History based field trips and in-school experiences 
  • ‘Learning through Play’. For more information about how this works there is a good resource at https://longwortheducation.co.nz/
  • Te Ao Māori and Te Reo Māori: woven into class experiences and as stand alone activities particularly through marae visits, Kapa Haka, and the TUPU programme (more on that later)
  • The new Aotearoa NZ History curriculum area

Much more can be found about all of this and more on our Annual Plan which will be on the website later next week.



Ruma Tahi Panui (Room One News)

Room 1 has settled well into our new year routines.  We are loving being back together as a class and starting our learning journey for the year.

We have been swimming every afternoon with Room 2 and have started working on our swimming goals, so we become great swimmers.  

Room 2 News:

We have had a great start to 2023! Doing lots of exciting activities to get to know each other. Some things we have enjoyed are building cars and ships with the lego, creating things that float, playing in the class cafe, learning about measurement and doing lots of swimming.

Room 3 News:

It’s been a busy start to the year in Room 3. We’ve moved classrooms (swapped with Room 1) and we are loving having heaps of access to the trampoline throughout the day. This week we kicked off our learning programmes in reading, writing, maths, science, history and art. We are learning about the history of flight through the Wright Brothers and New Zealander Richard Pearse, to prep us for an awesome day out at Wings Over Wairarapa in two weeks. Pop in and see what we’ve been up to!

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