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Term 2 Week 4 Newsletter

Principal’s Message….

For anyone who didn’t make the talent show last night it was such a great event. You may not have picked up on the fact that this event was primarily organised by the kids. It came out of a conversation I had with a few of the older kids back in early term one. They were very clever at hooking me in by saying “Mr Moore promised us he’d organise a band, but then it never happened. We bet you can do better”. Geez kids, flattery will get you everywhere. The band idea morphed into a Music Club which then needed a fundraiser for itself to buy instruments. And so we were off and planning a monster. 

When things are child led sometimes it feels a bit like they’ve headed off excitedly in a certain direction and then sat down on the side of the track and quit. Or that they’ve surged off only to get lost and separated. 

We definitely had a few of those moments but I was happy to backfill and get a few key things over the line so that they could be successful. I feel that the next time they suggest something like this, we’ll be able to capitalise on all the learning and experiences of this one and they will be able to take on even more responsibility. Plus they’ve got a healthy pūtea to play with now.

The performances last night were entertaining, skilful and heartwarming. There were some beautiful moments when people hopped up on stage to support shy performers and some of the key moments went so much better than in rehearsal. We had an entry from a kid at a different school, Owen Whiteman wooing the crowd with the opening act and Alistair performing guest judge duties with aplomb and class. There had been a rumour that Deanna from the Land Girl would be doing the tango with a friend but unfortunately sickness got in the way of that one. 

Our prize winners were Alexas and Ursula (gymnastics) sharing second prize with Beauden (live Rubik’s Cube solving @ 21 seconds) and Amelia getting first prize for a stunning piano performance. 

We raised a decent wad of cash for the newly formed Pirinoa School Music Club.


We have had a great couple of weeks continuing our learning in Room One.  We have learnt about 3D shapes and how they are made up of 2D shapes.  We are finding surfaces, vertices and edges of shapes.  We are learning about positional language (above, under, beside, behind etc).  We have been lucky enough to have some new equipment to use to create all kinds of things that our imaginations want (see the below picture).  We have welcomed Te Arepa to his school visits this week too.  Our little class is growing quickly!  

Room One playing the Floor is Lava!

Every second Friday Matua Richard comes to teach Room 2 and this term they have been building a new garden for the school. The planters went around the school to find wild grasses to put into the garden, the builders made the frame and put the mulch in, and the artists designed some patterns to put around the edge in the future. We are all very proud of the progress so far! 
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