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Term 2 Week 6 Newsletter

Principal’s Message….

Hi everybody, this principal’s message is rather important, with quite a bit to get through so put the kettle on!




Lately we have had some examples of some rather negative behaviour in the playground and during class time. So we are focusing our efforts at the moment on making sure Pirinoa School is a safe and happy place for our students to come to every day. We’ve got a few things on the go to achieve this. 


Firstly, with the students, we are emphasizing and clarifying what our expectations are for behaviour. This all comes back of course to our school ‘lighthouse’ values of Trust, Confidence, Being Considerate, Having a Positive Attitude and being Problem Solvers. As part of this we are creating a list of school expectations that link to our values. This is a new element in our toolkit. A draft version of this is attached at the end of the newsletter.


Then we are being more consistent in applying our Behaviour Plan. It lays out the processes for children when they make a mistake and behave inappropriately. This plan is also attached below. 


And lastly we are working harder to implement specific behaviour supports for children who have caused harm either to others or to something in the school e.g. intentional damage to property. These plans are based on the idea of high levels of empathy (from the adults) combined with high expectations (for the children) for behaviour and for restoring relationships and fixing up e.g. damage to property. 


If you have questions about this current focus please drop in and have a chat or email me on




Our next marae visit will be on the 29th of June and will be focused on celebrating Matariki. Matariki is a great time to gather together to reflect on the past and think about hopes for the future. It has a significance for environmental protection but also gardening and kai. 


Feel free to join us on the day. We will have a programme of Matariki themed activities for the kids and ourselves. There will be more information and a chance to sign up closer to the time. If there is an activity you think would add to the day, let me know. 

New families 


As is hinted in Rm One’s piece below, the junior class is growing rapidly. We have a few kids doing visits and one new entrant who has started officially (Te Arepa). Meanwhile we welcome Koda in Rm 2 and Sophie in Rm 3. I’ll get some photos of our new students soon so you can put names to faces!


Working Bees


We had an impromptu working bee on the weekend to get some of the school ready for painting (fingers crossed this will begin in July holidays). It was a great morning but it became pretty obvious to us that there are some pretty serious maintenance issues at the moment. Rotten window sills, blocked stormwater drains, blocked guttering, overgrown trees, guttering running the wrong way, etc etc. That’s on top of people slipping and sliding on the mosy, muddy turf last week. Nothing we can’t handle but we all agreed we’ll need to have more regular working bees.


So I have decided to hold two working bees per term for the rest of this year and potentially into early next year until we’ve got on top of a few things. This will be combined with some smart use of our funds to pay professionals to get onto some items. 


The working bees will be on the Sunday before a Board meeting. This is partly just to keep them in my mind. If a Board meeting changes, the working bee date will stay the same. 


This means the dates for the working bees for 2023 will be Sundays the 18th June, July 30th, Sept 10th, Oct 29th, Dec 3rd. The working bees will run from 8:45am – 12pm. In the week before each working bee I’ll send info about the focus and get some commitments from you so we know who is comng.


My commitment is to be at every single one and I am asking that every family comes along to at least one between now and Christmas. If Sundays don’t work for you, no worries we can set up an impromptu working bee at a time that suits. I don’t want to lay it on too thick but literally many hands will make light work and believe me there is plenty to do. Ultimately let’s all pitch in to give these beautiful tamariki the very best and safest environment for their learning and their play. If you feel that building maintenance or landscaping is not your thing, never fear, there are always other jobs to do including making snacks for the workers!



We are SO excited to welcome two new students in Room 1 Te Arepa and Henry, a huge welcome to them and their families. 

Room 2 has been working hard on our pieces for the art show! Our latest piece is a perspective piece of an aquarium. We can’t wait to show you all our awesome work next week! 


Room 3 have been very busy working on pieces to display in the art show. We’ve really stepped up with our art presentation and have created some of the most incredible pieces! We are excited to show our community next week.

Note: Sus is away this week (07/06/2023) so won’t be able to hold her Wednesday night exercise session, She’ll be back on deck next week.



Lighthouse expectations


School expectations

What not to do

Being considerate

Respect that we are all here to learn, don’t disrupt the learning of others or yourself

Listen actively, show you’re listening 

Listen and concentrate when adults are speaking to the group

When someone is upset or angry, give them space, walk away. Ask for help if needed

Help other people have strong friendships

Answering back

Name calling

Disruptive behaviour

Not following instructions

Dominate people

Being able to be trusted

Show that you act with respect for others and the environment including furniture, equipment, the school buildings etc when adults aren’t around

Uninvited touch 


Inappropriate language

In appropriate use of technology

Mistreatment of property


Being confident

Raise any concerns you have with a trusted adult

Hide things from us if it means people will get hurt or have been hurt

Solving problems

Think about it from the other person’s POV

Try and solve the problem yourself if you can

Use empathy

Be prepared to compromise 

Slow down enough to get your message across respectfully and also listen to them

Use anger or violence to try and solve problems

Having a positive attitude

Use all those good words we know and love. For example: please, aroha mai, tēnā koe, hello, how are you?, thank you, kei te pehea koe? The list goes on!

Thank people frequently

Help out others when they ask

Be rude to people

Forget your manners

Take people for granted

Pretend to help or avoid helping





Uninvited touch

Name Calling 

Answering Back

Disruptive behaviour 


Inappropriate Language 

Inappropriate use of technology 

Not following instructions 


Mistreatment of property 


2 Warnings then Green Seat; Time = Age + 2 mins from Year 4 and above- just age below Year 4 

Reflection Form 

Restorative/reflective conversation 

Incident Recorded on Edge


Repeated minor behaviours 

Intent to hurt (inflicting pain) 

Swearing (intentional) 

Inappropriate behaviour 

Provoking / Threatening 

Deliberate mistreatment of property Stealing 


Immediate time out (green chair or principal’s office) 

Reflection Form 

Restorative/reflective conversation 

Principal involved

All parents contacted asap that day 

Incident Recorded on Edge

Reflection form


Assault of any kind 

Repeated  MAJOR behaviour 

Serious theft/mistreatment/damage of property

Anything considered by the principal to be of this magnitude


Immediate Timeout – Principal’s office 

All parents involved immediately 

Consequences proportionate to behaviour eg costs for damaged property, implementation of behaviour contract for an agreed upon period of time.

Further action considered e.g. Stand Down

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