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Term 3 Week 4 Newsletter

Principal’s Message….

School shutdown this week

Thanks everyone for your understanding and being quick to respond to this situation. Afterwards I checked what our Ministry guidance is in these situations and it was good to see that their ideas are practical and sensible and that we did the right thing in the circumstances. The key thing when there is no power in the district is that we have no drinking water and no way to flush toilets or wash hands. On that particular day it was also pretty cold in the classrooms! 

You may be interested to know that we have to inform the Ministry that we closed and why, and we get a special notice to have on file to say we are allowed to reduce our numbers of days open for instruction by two half days. Bureaucracy is brilliant isn’t it!

Social Football tournament 

The two teams that attended this tournament had a great day up in Featherston last week. Thanks to all the parents who helped with transport. It was good to see some children who don’t usually go for these sorts of things digging in and doing well and enjoying themselves. It was also really impressive that the grounds were in such good nick. Despite all the rain recently, there was pretty much no mud. Maybe we should ask the council to maintain Pirinoa’s field. =)


Room 1 News

We have been learning about what jobs people do that help us in our community.  We have talked about farmers, dentists, nurses, doctors, soldiers, paramedics and firefighters,  We can talk about what different uniforms the people wear for their jobs, and what some of the things they do for us to help us, that they do in their jobs everyday,
We continue to work in small groups for reading and phonics.   The children are making good progress and are enthusiastic about learning new things – which is excellent.
We have spent lots of days inside lately because of the horrible wet and cold – and we are hoping that it warms up for us (and all the lambs and calves!)

Room 2 News

This week as part of our leadership topic, Room 2 has been creating their own awesome superheroes! We wrote stories about how they help their communities and created some awesome pieces of art to go with them. Have a look! 

Room 3 News

Room 3 have been really enjoying our taskmaster challenges that we complete every morning. We are all in teams of five, and complete different tasks to earn points which we can cash in for different prizes. The aim of the tasks is to build better relationships in our classroom and to build on our teamwork skills.
We have had memorise cards, play a weird version of charades, pull a note from under a glass of water without spilling it, draw, get a basketball through a hoop without touching it with our hands and heaps more. This week one of our tasks was to build a parachute for a wooden spoon. The team whose wooden spoon fell slowest from the same height won.
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