Term 3 Week 6 Newsletter

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Term 3 Week 6 Newsletter

Principal’s Message….

Our Focus Areas 2024 – 2025 

It’s getting closer to the time that the Board of Trustees will publish our official focus areas for the next two years. As part of this my job is to talk to the key groups that care about and contribute to our school being a place of ‘equity and excellence’. This is why I talked to all the parents who came in during parent interview week. And it is something we talk about as a staff on a regular basis. But it’s bigger than that. We want input from the wider community and the children themselves. 

As a result of all these conversations so far I have come up with a draft set of focus areas for everyone to consider and give me feedback on. Then I will take that to the Board of Trustees and over the coming months we’ll boil that down to an actual Strategic Plan which then gets published publicly and submitted to the Ministry of Education. 

And most importantly becomes our action plan as a school and community over the next two years. 

I hope the poster above will be a great discussion point to help us finalize what we want our priorities to be from next year. 

In other news please check this out from Booktown…

Exciting Announcement! 

Featherston Booktown are piloting their first Rural Readers Outreach Programme, and we are thrilled that they have selected both Kahutara and Pirinoa Schools to be the first to trial it. 

Featherston Booktown will be bringing three well known and highly experienced New Zealand writers into our schools – Gavin Bishop, Mary-anne Scott and Philippa Werry.  The purpose of the programme is to encourage our tamariki to read more, write more, and to be inspired by new ideas. 

On Wednesday 25 October the writers will first visit Pirinoa School, then on Thursday 26 October they will visit Kahutara School.   

After the first school visit, Featherston Booktown invites both Pirinoa and Kahutara school whānau to join them and the writers for some shared kai and time with the writers. 

Save the date: Wednesday 25 October, 5:30 PM, Kahutara School Hall.  BYO plate to share with all.   

More details will follow, for now pop the date and time in your calendars!

Room 1 News

This week we have been writing reports.  We chose an animal to write about.  Here are a few for you to read.

Room 2 News

Room 2 has been writing information reports about their chosen animals. We have created triorama’s to go with our reports that show what our animals look like and what their habitat is like. Here are a few of our finished ones! We think they look awesome! 

Room 3 News

This term, Room 3 are learning about famous artworks and famous artists. After learning a bit of the history, we then have a go at recreating the art, or at least our take on the art.
So far we’ve learnt about Claude Monet and the Water Lilies artwork, and Edvard Munch and his artwork ‘The Scream’. We’re enjoying learning about something different and also rising up to the challenge of producing our take on the artwork too. 
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